Blog Post 5

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Starting this research project was something new to me, as I tend to stick to what I know. For a few semesters in college, I have been writing papers on the topic of health inequity, since I was comfortable with it. When first assigned this project, I was nervous to choose another topic since it would have been new and fresh to me. However, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and pick something else that I was truly interested in. This is when I decided to research about technology addicition as I notice this era revolves around…

Blog Post 4

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I find myself often comparing my childhood to the generations after me. When reminiscing about my childhood, most of my memories are from being outside and playing with my brother and neighbors. We were creative and would play games that we would create ourselves. Most children now would rather play with technology like smartphones instead of being outside. Have you ever seen a crying baby be shushed with a smartphone? This all lead to me to research: How has the booming industry of technology impacted the academic success of children and young adults?

Throughout the years, as technology grew, I…

Blog Post 3

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​From researching how technology can impact the education of children, both negative and positive outcomes have been looked at. In the last blog post, the negative perspective was discussed as articles mentioned technology can cause distraction and stress. For this blog post, I will focus on how technology can benefit the education of students through ways my research findings have mentioned.

Technology can be fun and exciting, especially with the various apps and unlimited things that could be done with it. Wouldn’t combining this excitement with school make others want to actually participate? According to an article by the School…

Blog Post 2

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The demand of handheld technology has had many positive and negative effects on people’s lifestyle. The same way that technology has helped the education system; it has also caused several flaws to develop overtime. Due to the fact that smartphones have apps like social media, adds to the distraction property of technology. Not only is it a distraction, but addiction to smartphones can increases stress like anxiety.

Smartphones in 2021 are multiuse as they can do almost anything. They allow people to feel connected to each other in a virtual world through various apps. What people often don’t talk about…

Blog Post 1

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I find myself observing people often when I go to new places. Since I am a naturally curious person, I always seem to question why things are the way they are. One thing I have definitely noticed has been how much technology has changed life. The question I often wonder is if it has changed life for better or for worse? With my own experience, I can see how much using a cell phone to communicate has been one of the greatest inventions compared to what my mother used to tell me about when she was growing up. At the…

How has the increase of technology popularity impacted our lives?

Hello, my name is Jasmine Serrano. I currently attend San Francisco State University as a second year, majoring in pre-nursing. I had the pleasure of researching this topic as it is super interesting, considering that our lives now revolve around the internet.

Feel free to keep reading my blogs and research essay to get a deeper understanding on how Technology addiction affects people academically.

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