Reflection on Digital Portfolio Project

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

Starting this research project was something new to me, as I tend to stick to what I know. For a few semesters in college, I have been writing papers on the topic of health inequity, since I was comfortable with it. When first assigned this project, I was nervous to choose another topic since it would have been new and fresh to me. However, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and pick something else that I was truly interested in. This is when I decided to research about technology addicition as I notice this era revolves around technology. Not only have I noticed how children have become addicted to technology, but even myself with a screen time of more than 7 hours. This then led me to further investigate how technology addiction affects people academically.

Throughout this research project, I was faced with a few challenges. The first being how this whole research project was broken up into multiple steps. I was used to only researching and then writing a paper. For this project, we did several activities that led up to the long-research essay. We started with our topic, presenting it, several blog posts, peer review, outline, and a rough draft. At first, these were intimidating as I felt overwhelmed as to how I was going to complete everything. However, since everything was broken down, I was able to complete each of these and actually look deeply into my topic and writing. I believe these helped me with understanding the writing process. I will be able to take this into future courses and life with me, as I now understand how important this process is. Proofreading, drafting, editing, and peer reviewing are mandatory in the writing world.

Something I really enjoyed with this project are the blog posts. I had never written blog posts nor read any before this. I was worried because the writing style is different and I started it with not much research on my topic. This was all new to me, but it was exciting. I was able to write about how I was personally connected to the topic of technology addiction through the blog posts, which grew my interest. I found the connection to be with my own experience and my community. I then researched from credible articles while writing these blog posts, which helped me to start my long-research essay with ease. I believe this allowed me to understand social justice and identity, as I learned more critical thinking, writing, and reading skills that I will be able to take with me in the future. I used to never think deeply about topics like this, but I have learned along the way, to question everything, do my own research and connect it to my own life.

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